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Dear Puppy loving friends, We belong to several breeding supporting groups and It has come to our attention that a fellow breeder recently had a parvo outbreak, unknowingly, brought in by a buyer. They lost 6 out of 8 puppies. They were 6 weeks old.


This is why we take every precaution that we can to make sure that our unvaccinated puppies are not exposed to any kinds of disease that you may, unknowingly, carry on your shoes, clothing, hands, hair, etc!!  These airborne or contact diseases particles can be picked up and carried on your shoes for days, (such as, saliva, urine, feces or off someone else’s shoes from anywhere an infected carrier animal has been; parks, pet stores, rest stops, parking lots, sidewalk, anywhere. Since this house is where current litters and future litters will be housed we do not take for granted protecting our unvaccinated puppies.


Precaution: no one is allowed to touch or handle or visit while un-vaccinated puppies are under our care until precaution request steps are taken. No Exceptions.


Precaution: dogs or animals are not allow around un-vaccinated puppies. PLEASE leave your other animals at home, as they will not be allowed out of your vehicle.


Precaution: Visits are not allowed to those “just looking” as they have been “just looking” around other places also and the risk is too high to allow this.


If you have a deposit reserving a puppy, you will have access to our live streaming direct link from day of birth until 8 weeks old.


We are more than happy for you to visit at the appropriate times; we asked that you please come showered with clean just washed clothing. For the best interest of our puppies and YOURS; we’ll ask for you to please allow sanitizing mist to spray on your pants and hands to eliminate any virus, bacteria, spores airborne or contact particles. We will provide foot covers and a lab coat to isolate any airborne particles on clothing and will ask to please keep puppy away from your face. (lab coats are limited per person). 


You must have an appointment and be on time for it, before visiting our home. This is not a 'business' this is our 'home'. Visitation may start at 5 or 6 weeks of age or at the breeder's discretion (based on: IF ALL the pups in the litter are doing well, if the Momma is done with nursing, if Momma will allow visitation, etc).


We hope that all of our new puppy owners have the comfort of knowing that their puppies have the best possible care and protection that they can get.


We hope you appreciate a breeder that is careful with visitors around their un-vaccinated puppies and home dogs. You will find that many breeders, ones that truly care, will have some kind of visitation policy. All reputable breeders make it a priority to protect their pack.

We vaccinate as close to 8 weeks as possible. For more information regarding vaccination please see "Toy Poodles - Vaccination".





Because of these extreme risks to the puppies, we have begun to utilize Live Puppy Camera for our clients to watch their pups grow and develop on a daily basis. You may meet and grow to  love your chosen puppy by watching and reserve your puppy by making a deposit. Scheduling visitation time is preferred for new owners that have made a deposit to reserve a puppy (breeder’s approval is required). 

Why do we have such a strict visitation policy?


1. Immature immune systems. Puppies are not protected against disease that can be brought in on shoes or clothing. Many breeders have lost entire litters of puppies due to disease being brought into the breeder’s home. You don’t have to touch a puppy to transfer disease to them. Your shoes and clothing can bring it in and leave it on the floor or furniture, only to be transferred to the paws of the mama dog, who then transfers it to her babies.


2. Mama dogs are extremely protective of their babies. When strangers enter the home, even if mama is in another part of the house, she hears their voices and kicks into a highly emotionally charged state. This stress causes her body to create cortisol, which enters her milk. When the puppies consume the milk the cortisol then causes them to become stressed as well. A stressed puppy is more likely to succumb to illness and fail to thrive.


3. Stressed mama dogs will panic. They jump up and away from their puppies to assess what they think is a threat, and many times unintentionally step on or crush a puppy. The mere sound of a stranger’s voice in another room will cause them to panic and can result in an injured puppy, or even death.


4. The puppies are reserved by purchasing families. Would you want to have a puppy reserved and know that a lot of other families were being allowed to come and hold or play with them and put them at risk? We’d like to raise and socialize our puppies in such a way that their risk to disease and/or injury is as low as possible so that we can deliver healthy puppies to the families who are waiting for them.


5. No pets nor children allowed at visits. Due to immature immunity mentioned above. Also, Children get very excited around puppies and we’ve seen more than our share of accidents or injuries as a result. Experience has taught us that it’s simply better to require children to be left at home and to let parent’s introduce their children to their new puppy after the puppy has left our care. That eliminates risk to our puppies and financial responsibility should a child injure a puppy while visiting.

Other breeders may be willing to place their pups and adults in jeopardy, WE WILL NOT!

There is nothing more important than the safety and well being of our puppies!


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