Upcoming Companion Puppies

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Puppy Buyer Waiting list tips:

  1. A deposit to reserve a puppy for current &/or future litters is required to be added to our waiting list.

  2. Pups are reserved in the order that the deposits are received. 

  3. Once you are on a waiting list and later decide to switch to another litter waiting list, you will be placed at the end of the other waiting list. Switching list will not place you in the order of deposit made.

  4. Deposits are good faith promises and are nonrefundable.

  5. At times the waiting list can be a year out. So reserve your sweet pup asap. 

  6. If the amount of puppies born is less than expected, the deposit for the last buyer waiting will roll over for the next litter of that same waiting list.

  7. Puppies will go home by 8-10 weeks after birth.

  8. We cannot guarantee the amount of puppies our female will carry or deliver.

Tip: Pregnancy confirmation: We don't like to do x-ray's on our females to confirm pregnancy. I do use a ultrasound (US) just to confirm pregnancy, not for puppy count. US 'may' confirm gestation from 6-7wks of gestation. Earlier than that, It's hard to see mm size fetus; so sometimes we wait til 7 wks of gestation.

Gestation is 9 weeks long.

Future Puppy Reservation Waiting list

(Next in line by date of deposit)

MissyLou & SirCuss - Fall / Spring

Possible Whelping - Fall 2020

FYI: Due to high demand, we might keep a female for our future breeding program

1st pick of the litter. Female – Deposit (3/18) done by C.D.*

2nd pick of the litter. M or F – Deposit (4/28) done by H.M.

3rd pick of the litter. Male - Deposit (6/18) done by K.C.

Female - Deposit (6/22) done by F.I.

Female - Deposit (8/23) done by P.S.

M or F - Deposit ____ done by ____

M or F - Deposit ____ done by ____

Gracie & Junior - Winter / Summer

Possible Whelping - Winter 2021

1st pick – Female - Deposit (4/18) done by L.M.

2nd Pick – Female - Deposit (6/19) done by E.S.

M or F - Deposit (6/21) done by S.S.

M or F - Deposit (7/16) done by C.Br.

M or F - Deposit (8/4) done by M.D.

M or F -  Deposit (8/5) done by A.K.

M or F - Deposit (8/8) done by C.Bj.

M or F - Deposit ____ done by ____

M or F - Deposit ____ done by ____

M or F - Deposit ____ done by ____

Just a tip: Regarding how long is the wait, here's an idea. MissyLou's litters can be 3-4 pups (See past puppies) and Gracie's last and first litter was two pups but we are expecting for that amount to increase as usual. Hope this info is helpful.






Want a Puppy with all your heart?


You are welcome to make a deposit to reserve a puppy.

Usually puppies are reserved before whelping day.


Periodically check on the website.


With a deposit you will have access to watch the whelping / birthing live-stream and watch your puppy 24/7 from birth till s/he goes home.


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