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Toy Poodles

Pricing and Payment Information


Now accepting deposits!!!

A $500 non-refundable deposit that will be applied towards your balance allows you to choose which waiting list you would like to be on; or select a puppy if available.

Your pick will depend on the order that the deposit is received.


Toy Poodle Puppies

From $1,500.00 to $3,500.00

Price based on gender, color, markings, size, etc.

e.g. Exceptional coloring like red, silver, chocolate, apricot, etc. and any markings like phantom, parti, brindle, etc. (Pet price is with a spay/neuter contract).

For Deposit

PayPal only to be added to the waiting list or choose your puppy if available.

PayPal's 3% processing fee has been added to the deposit cost.

For Final Payment

Option 1: Cash only on pick up day


Option 2: Bank to Bank

To be done 4 business days prior to pick up day (1-3 business days to process)

Bank to bank using your own bank's "Send Money to anyone" free option.

AKC Individual Puppy Registration Check

On puppy pickup day, Please,

Bring a check payable to “AKC” (American Kennel Club)

for $37.99 to register your puppy to your name.

"Just a dog..."

*Waiting List Agreement*


We require a $500 deposit to secure a slot for you.

The remaining is due at pickup or you can pay in full at pickup date, whichever you prefer.

Under special circumstances I can workout a payment plan that best suits your budget, but a $500 deposit is required to secure a slot, no exceptions.

Your deposit may transfer to the following litter if the amount of puppies born is less than desired.


Once the puppies are born, all buyers will get notify and will receive photos.

1st buyer will have one day to select. Then,

2nd buyer will have one day to select after 1st buyer has made their selection. Then... 

so on and so forth in the order when reservation was done.

If buyer is unable to select, then we will choose which puppy.


A $500 non-refundable deposit that will be applied towards your balance allows you to choose your puppy.

Your pick will depend on the order that the deposit is received.

DISCOUNT - Please let us know before puppy pickup day

  • $100 toy poodle discount for anyone referred by another family who adopted a puppy from us

  • $100 toy poodle discount for pastors, teachers, home school families

  • $100 toy poodle discount for U.S. military, veterans, firefighters, EMTs, and police officers

  • $200 discount for family and personal close friends.


Deposits help breeders keep track of how many puppies from a litter are spoken for and, in a show of intent; they indicate the buyer’s seriousness and commitment to getting a puppy. Similarly, by accepting this good faith deposit, a breeder indicates their approval of the buyer as an acceptable home and their commitment to that buyer to provide a puppy. Deposits are a two way street as they bind and protect both buyer and seller. The breeder agrees not to sell the puppy to anyone else or to take other reservations for that special puppy from a particular litter. The buyer promises to purchase the puppy from the breeder and not to go to anyone else for a puppy in the meantime. If all goes as planned, the buyers get their adorable new puppy and the breeder has the satisfaction of a job well done and a puppy carefully and lovingly placed in a wonderful home. 


We do not ship our puppies.

Option 1: We can meet with you at South Bend, Indiana airport for pickup. 

Option 2: We can meet with you at O'Hare airport in Chicago, Illinois. ($100 driving charge)

Option 3: You can hire our puppy Nanny. Full payment for puppy is required prior to hiring Diana as the puppy nanny.

Full payment can be done by 'Bank Payment'. 

Puppy Nanny Requirements and fees are buyer’s responsibility. Breeder's approval is required.

Please contact Diana ‭269.757.3761 - may voicemail or text.

To accelerate the process, please, leave information as of location (airport destination), when (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th week of which month), your name, your mobile and any other pertinent information. Give us time to inquire information so we may efficiently respond to you ASAP.

Call time and days for Diana are Sunday - Thursday 11am - 7pm; Friday 11am - 3pm. 

                    (Not available Friday evening and Saturday. Exodus 20:8-11)

                   We have a limited approved and trusted 'puppy flight nanny' in our network of breeders. 

*We reserve the right to refuse or cancel a sell to any customer for any reason and without explanation.*

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