Q-We would love to learn more home visits to see where the puppies grow up

A-You can read our “Visitation Policy” for more information.


Q- What are your requirements for a prospective owner.

A- Thank you for asking. My requirement is honesty and forthcoming with information. I’m very transparent and I open my home for all to see through the livestream. This contract is a contract of trust & respect and it needs to be mutual. I do listen to my gut feeling. I also trust in God’s guidance. I do reject those that are not forthcoming or give me a sense of withholding.


Q- When will you start to have the live camera?

A- A few days before due date when she starts showing signs. The puppy camera is assigned to the current puppies. After current puppies go home, the camera will be reset with a new link for the new litter.


Q- How will we know when she is giving birth?

A- I will let you know. There are some signs to watch for that will let us know delivery is eminent. One main one is keeping a record of temperature days before for baseline. Once it spikes up delivery is within 1-12hrs. Then it will drop low, that’s when delivery is within the hr. Plug comes out 1st, then the first pup. I will warn you ahead of time.


I will send you the link during baseline temp. That will give you time to open the link and have it ready. That can be days before delivery. Then, I will alert you when the temp goes up. This may be the last alert since I’m usually busy comforting mamá.  We may be in and out the whelping box. The camera will be aiming towards the whelping box. Delivery will be in the whelping box because all the supplies, towels, etc; are in the whelping box. So if prior to delivery we are in and out the whelping box; don’t worry, once the plug comes out I can carry her to the whelping box for delivery. During whelping, I may not respond to any text. My focus will be to my female dog and pups.


Q- So can I ask when we pick up our puppy what will they come with?

A- Pick up will be after 1st vaccinations and Vet check at 8-10wks old, depending when mom weaned them off. You will take home your puppy and a gift bag with a zip bag of puppy food and treats, puppy toy or chewy bully stick, wee wee pads, and a folder with AKC registration form plus more information.


Q- What can we buy ahead of time to get prepared?

A- Check the “puppy check list” and “where can I get that


Q- So her due date can be …?

A- Gestation is give and take 64days from tie date. But she can deliver from day 58-68day. I usually start taking her temp around day 56 for base line. Once she starts showing other signs like nesting, frequent potty to empty bowels, mild contractions.... I’ll send you the camera link. This can be days before delivery.


Q- Also, we would like a female. The others on the list say female or male. What does that mean if there is only one female? 

A- That means that whoever deposit came first, they get to pick even gender. Sometimes it’s helpful to know preference. If one female is born and the rest are males, there are times that those that don’t really have a preference will choose a male when they see someone else really wants a female. So far we’ve had good caring buyer. We pray that God will continue blessing us with kind hearts.


Q-How and when do we pick or select our puppy?

A- Within the first week of birth

1.’First’ pick of the litter buyer will have one day to select puppy preference

After selection is done then the

2.‘Second’ pick of the litter buyer will have one day to select puppy preference

After selection is done then the

3.‘Third’ pick of the litter buyer will have one day to select puppy preference

After selection is done then the

4.‘Fourth’ pick of the litter buyer will have one day to select puppy preference

After selection is done then the

So on and so forth.

Within the 1st week, buyers know which puppy belongs to them.

Q-Why do we need to pick withing the first week and not at 8 weeks old?

A-For multiple reasons. Bottom line, this is our procedure. No exception.


Q-How would I know if the puppy is perfect for me?

A-You can read about personality and more located below the current livestream on the website. (

It’s going to work out. God already made the match. We just let the process roll. You’ll get the perfect baby for you. It’s my experience that their personality molds to their owners. I’ve had puppies come back to me for either dog sitting or grooming. Not one pup kept the personality they had at 8 wks old. The introvert became outgoing and the extrovert became shy as an adult dog. But you can surely encourage the behavior you want to keep and change a undesirable behavior by conditioning. Dogs mirror their owners. That means, you puppy will be exactly what you reinforce him/her to be. That’s why I recommend reading to empowering yourself with knowledge about dog psychology. You will love your fur baby.


Q-Hello- looks like Gracie is having three babies?

A- This is Gracie's first litter. We don't know yet how many puppies’ she’s' carrying


Q-If so Do I go to the top of the next list or position 4 again?

A-If you would like to be sure to get first pick of the litter then I would suggest to transfer your deposit to a open slot closer to first pick. Otherwise, if she happens to have fewer amounts of puppies expected then your deposit will transfer to any available slot of upcoming litter of your choice or to the next available slot of future upcoming litter. We cannot transfer you to the top of the next list. Those not only reserved before you did but they also are willing to wait. There are times the waiting list can be up to two years. But for now, There are still openings. Let me know what you decide. I have 2 others that would like to take your place if you decide to transfer your deposit.



Q- Have they started to potty on the grates yet? 

A- Yes, they squat and stand still to go potty. It’s hard to tell because they are so little. Also, Mom is still keeping the area clean. But I see evidence once I pick up the tiles and see the wee wee pad with urine spots and there’s indication of stool that also goes through the tile grill.



Q- Did it help to shrink their bed area? 

A- Yes it did. They still head towards the potty area and sometimes when their front paws touches the potty area then they go potty but their back paws are still on the sleeping area. So they already know, just need a little more time to practice. Also, when I see they are waking up, I run to gently encourage them to potty in the potty area.



Q- When will you let your other dogs interact with the puppies? 

A- Usually around 5-6 wks old. But, mom is the one that sets the boundaries. At that time they move from the whelping box upstairs to the mini house downstairs which is four times the size of the whelping box and has a gate where they greet the adult dogs every morning. I do introduction one adult at a time. Junior, the father, loves to play with the puppies when they are smaller than him. He’s a good father. The adult girls become maternal, protective and playful. The girls like to keep the puppies clean. LJ is the disciplinarian. In the morning while they greet, if they get too rowdy, LJ growls and doesn’t move and once the greeting becomes more gentle then he continues to play w them. Sometimes one adult might give a harsh correction and the other adults will jump to action; go to lick his/her face to calm him/her down and the other half of adults will run and play with the pups and move them away. All this is under Mom’s  supervision and approval.




Q- Do your other dogs know that there are puppies and want to check them out? 

A- Yes they do. They all walk by the nursery room but they don’t even dare to walk in to the room to see the puppies. They know it’s not time yet. But, sometime I see them hiding behind a door frame with one eye trying looking in and the other eye and body is hidden behind the door frame.



Q- Do they all interact eventually? 

A- Yes. Eventually the pack becomes their teachers. The pack will teach them good doggy manners and doggy etiquette. This stage is important because it is the foundation for socializing.



Q- Is Mom choosing to spend more time outside of the box or are you reducing her time with them to help develop independence?

A- Mom never leaves their sight except to go potty or eat. The nursery room is next to our room and the door is open to give her freedom to come in and out. She has her favorite bedding right outside the whelping box. She has the whole room to sleep anywhere including a window; but she prefers right next to the whelping box. She jumps in and out the whelping box all day. She also has free food in the nursery room but she also comes downstairs to be part of our morning and night feeding ritual. Once she’s done eating, she runs back to her babies. The puppies need their mom all the way till they go home. They depend on her for all new situations which, just about everything is a new situation. The only time I start to reduce her time with them is around 7 weeks. That’s when she no longer has access to free food (to reduce her milk production), and reduce nursing them, plus, the puppies don’t share their food with mom. Even when teeth erupted and they bite her while nursing; she will grow at them and give them another chance. Most of the time they get it, but a few times she simply growls and walks away if they still bite her. But the next time they will get it. All my girls are good moms. I feel honored to witness doggy culture. God must have had a lot of fun when He created wolfs/dogs.

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