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The Process and What to Expect.


The steps are as follow.

   1. Submit Application

   2. Receive email from us.

   3. If approved, read all information, and reserve by making a deposit.

   4. Email us and tell us your choice for current available puppy or which waiting list you would like to be added (1st choice for waiting list

      and 2nd back up choice waiting list). 

      Tip-if currently available, tell us which puppy your first and second choice pup; just in case your first choice got reserves minutes before. 

   5. Double check that your initials have been added on the website (Please give us a day. We will add it ASAP).

   6. If you reserved for future litter; For now, we wait. Meanwhile please read suggested info.

          (i.e. Frequent Questions, Contract, Development StagesGrowth Stages, etc.)

      If you reserved a current available pup; please got to #9, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19


Prenatal (Gestation Timeline)

   7. Periodically check the website for updates for pregnancy. Read the “tip: Regarding how long the wait” on the ‘upcoming’ page to give you an idea of estimation. (


   8. Read “Frequent Questions” for more info. (


   9. For current available puppy owners, you will receive a link for the livestream camera to watch you puppy grow till the day s/he goes home.

      For future waiting list owners; days before due dates, you will receive a link for the livestream camera to watch the delivery. Yes, you may share the link with your love ones, but we ask that you be cautious who you share this with. Delivery may be too graphic for young eyes and sensitive individuals. Therefore, viewer discretion is advice.


   10. We ask that you please keep us all in your prayers; for the mom, pups, assisting Doulas (if present), puppy midwife (the breeder, me), and for the vet on call. While most births deliver without complications, we hope for the best yet prepare to reduce the risks of unexpected complications. We appreciate your prayers. (Whelping Pause)


   11. Hours before delivery we will try to alert you either by email or text. Yet, we ask that you frequently check the livestream. There is the possibility that we will not be able to alert you when labor starts. Our focus will be caring for mom and pups first. We know you understand.




   12. Once the pups are born, we ask that you give us time to care for mom and pups. During the first two weeks of life, puppies are very vulnerable to illness and environmental stress since they are unable to regulate their body temperature independently. And during the first five days after birth, a puppy can go downhill fast and unexpectedly. A fating puppy generally will die within four days of first showing signs. Therefore, expect non to little communication from us to you during the critical care time. Once the pups are showing they are thriving, we will communicate with you and start the ‘puppy choosing process’. 


   13. Puppy choosing process will starts soon after we post photos and price for you to choose, with the help of livestream as well. ’First’ pick of the litter buyer will have a few days to select puppy of preference (depending on waiting list). After selection is done then the ‘Second’ pick of the litter buyer will have a few days to select. After selection is done then the ‘Third’... So on and so forth. Within the 1st or 2nd week, buyers know which puppy belongs to them.


   14. Once you have chosen your puppy, you will watch your fur baby develop into the puppy you will take home with you. It is exceedingly rare to be able to have this priceless window. We warn you, most buyer have admitted that the "livestream" link is addictive; they simply cannot turn it off and they also appreciate and value the transparency. Also, you will get to know and fall in love with your baby as you watch him/her grow. We hope you will enjoy it.



   15. Google share album. We have a google share album link so you can download any photos we upload to it. You would be sharing access to this album with the other buyers. If you are ok with this, we will send the link to you. Otherwise, if you prefer not to share access to this album with the other buyer then you can download (right click or screenshot) the pictures we upload to the website. But we hope you are ok with sharing because sometimes we take like 20 photos to post a few from that. Make sure to download the photos before picking your puppy up. To save storage size, we will need to remove the share album within the week or two after pickup day. We create a google photo album to share with all the buyer because it is time consuming to send individual photos to each email separately, and we have limited time during each day.



Picking up your puppy

   16. We can schedule pickup day at any time from the moment you have selected your puppy. Pick up day can be at the age of 8 weeks to 10 weeks old. We prefer at 10 weeks old because they learn so much when they are with the whole pack. All our adults are excellent pre-school teachers. Pick up will be after 1st vaccinations and Vet check at 8-10wks old, depending on when mom weaned them off. Pick up day are usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays pm.  And occasionally every other Fridays. We will send available dates and time for you too choose. Here below is a sample email you will receive few days before pickup day, "Pickup day Guidelines". 





     17. Pickup day Guidelines are as follow:


*Pick up day confirmation - Email sent to you a day or two prior to pick up day (Please reply to confirm):


 Date and time_________ (Eastern time)




 Address will be given one day or two from pickup day. To plan ahead, you can set your GPS to Berrien Springs, MI.



 *Balance due:

$________ Cash only please

[Advertised for $_________; -$500.00 (Deposit) = Total balance due $_________]


*AKC Individual Puppy Registration:

Bring a check payable to “AKC” for $37.99 to register your puppy


Pickup day Guidelines:

Please, arrive on time.

Please text us if there is any delay to ______________



What to expect on pick up day.

                1. No more than two visitors, please.

                2. Please bring just the necessary (Not much space to bring in bulky things)

                3. You will be asked to either remove your shoes or use cover shoes provided.

                4. A mist will be sprayed, and You will be asked to use hand sanitizer (air Mist with Young Living hand Sanitizer)

                5. Once we are sitting in the living room, we will bring your puppy to you.

                6. To protect from airborne microbe pathogens, particles, droplets, … (and understanding visitation policy) we will not conduct                              a premises tour. From the living room you may glance on to the mini house and set up (No walking around).

                7. -Once the contract is filled and signed (checked with photo ID*),

                   -total due done, 

                   -AKC registration form is filled (with your check attached),

                   -Instructions given, and questions answered, then we are done, and you can take your new baby home with you.


                8. On your way out we will take a photo of you and your new fur baby (w/o the mask). This is for our AKC file only (not to post).

                    We will send you your first snapshot with you and your new fur baby.




-Tip: -Please read the contract online. Sometimes the excitement of the moment distracts from reading the printed contract before signing it on pick up day.

-Tip: - Reminder to make a Puppy check Vet appt.

-Tip: -Please read ‘Visitation Policy’.



Please let us know ahead of time if you would like to see the parents otherwise all our dogs will be upstairs that way, we can hear each other talk. The dogs get excited with visitors.


We appreciate your understanding of the guidelines.

Please reply to confirm.

Thank you.

See you soon.



   18. You will take home your puppy and a gift bag with a zip bag of puppy food and treats, puppy toy or chewy bully stick, wee wee pads, and a folder with AKC registration form plus more information. Please read the information in your folder.


   19. We thank you for choosing us and for trusting us. We hope the experience was a pleasant one though we know the anticipation can be overwhelming. We ask for you to please take a few minutes to write a review. We will truly be grateful for your time. Please keep in touch. Let us know if you have any questions. We are your breeders.

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