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"Just a dog..."
​Luv My Toy Poodles. Near
Berrien Springs MI 49103
1. Submit Application (to start communication process)
2. Approval confirmation (before reserving)
3. Deposit ($500) to be added to the waiting list or available puppy of your choice
4. Let us know your preference for waiting list or available puppy of your choice
5. Wait for due date (If deposit was made before birth)
6. Watch your fur baby from birth till pick up day. You will get a direct camera link. 
7. You will have access to Google Album to download all photos of your fur baby from birth.
All buyers of the litter will have access   

 Thank you for your interest in our adorable puppies.

To inquire &/or to start the communication and then reservation process,

please submit an application and include any questions that are not on the website.

Due to limited time; I am giving priority to the daily pile of submitted questionnaires in the order it was submitted from the website; plus attend to my daily obligations; newborn pups, mom, pack care & activities, homemaker, etc.

You will get a respond to let you know that we received your inquiry and that you've been either approved or to re-submit the application due to lack of information from you

or no puppy available due to non-compliance.

Any personal information you provide to us on this application will only be used for contact information

to start a file to keep track of potential buyers and for reservation of a puppy (approval required first). 

We protect your privacy and do not give out any information whatsoever.


Your $500 deposit (approval required); will be transferred onto a deposit record to hold a puppy until the time of final payment on pickup day.


PICK UP DAYS are usually scheduled for

Every other Sundays - 3pm or 4pm or 5pm

Every other Monday - 1pm or 2pm or 3pm

Every Tuesdays - 1pm or 2pm or 3pm


 Your deposit is applied to the final cost of your puppy.

Reservations are placed in the order of seniority of deposits received. 

Once a deposit has been made you will be added to the waiting list of your choice

or your initials will be added to the available puppy of your choice. 

Please let us know your preference; waiting list or available puppy.

   FYI. Puppy are being sold as a companion pet. Not for breeding.

Please, Submit questionnaire 1st(no exception)

Then we will contact you (Sunday - Friday) either by Voicemail, Email or Text.

(Not available from Friday evening to Saturday. Exodus 20:8-11)

FYI. Voicemail, Email or Texting us 1st (without submitting an application) will not accelerate the process.





  • For your own benefit, you need to be approved before making a 'non-refundable deposit'. We understand it's a commitment and we want you to feel comfortable with the process. That is why the website is very informative and transparent.

  • Keep in mind, we like to know a little about our buyers before approving. (Please elaborate). (Please elaborate).

  • This application is part of the interview. It is favorable to take the time to elaborate as much as possible in your answers. A simple short answer like: 'yes, no, mine, none, etc.', will not be worth your time nor ours. You will not get a reply. 

  • Your questions do reflect how valuable and important, getting one of our puppies, is to you. If you take the time to read and get informed of our procedure, then it will reflect in your answers on this application/interview. Also, even if you need clarification, it will still reflect.

  • Therefore, read all information on the website and let us know (in the application) if you have any questions that are not on the website or need clarifications.

  • My time is very limited attending to the mother, new litter, our pack, interviews, daily chores, cleaning, disinfecting, sterilizing, laundry, and much more.

  • Here are some suggested links: The Process and What to Expect. Frequently ask questionsContract. Waiting list agreement. Puppy Development Stages. and Puppy and Dam's care and development stages. (Scroll down in the livestream page).

Hope these tips are helpful

Thank you.

**FYI We will pause our breeding program until futher notice.​** 

Sorry for the inconvenience




"There is nothing more loyal than a dog.

Except for God.

Who made dogs to teach us this".


For Labradoodles please click or visit

*We reserve the right to refuse a sell to any customer for any reason and without explanation.*

(Usually due to non-compliance)

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