Pickup day Guidelines: (Pick up day usually schedule for Tuesday pm & Thursday pm

Please, arrive on time.

What to expect on pick up day:

1. No more than two visitors allowed
2. Please bring just the necessary (Not much space to bring in bulky things)

3. Please bring your driver license to confirm ID.
4. Face mask is required at all times (no face cover that keep falling while talking).
5. You will be asked to either remove your shoes or use cover shoes provided
6. You will be indirectly mist and asked to use hand sanitizer (air Mist with Young Living aerosol Sanitizer)
7. Once we are sitting in the living room we will bring your puppy to you.
8. Due to Covid19 and understanding visitation policy (please read visitation policy), we will not conduct a premises tour. From the living room you may glance to the mini house and set up (No walking around).
9. Once the contract is signed, total due has been exchanged (cash only), Instructions given and questions and answers are done then we are done and you can take your new baby home with you. Congratulations!
10. On your way out we will take a photo of you and your new fur baby (w/o the mask). This is for our AKC file only (not to post). We will send you your first snapshot with you and your new fur baby.

Tip: -Please read the contract online. Sometimes the excitement of the moment distracts from reading the printed contract before signing it on pick up day.

Please let us know ahead of time if you would like to see the parents otherwise all our dogs will be upstairs that way we can hear each other talk. The dogs get too happy and excited with visitors.

We appreciate your understanding of the guidelines.
Thank you.


AKC Luv My Toy Poodles Photo Albums
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by Karen Broemmelsick 

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